Friday, 31 October 2014

The Goblins attacked: Essence Rock out blusher!!!

While i love my upscale make up dearly, there is from time to times just a cutesy little piece of make up which catches my eye in the drugstore and which ends up by magic in my basket (my husband has been trying for a long time to catch those little goblins which seem to be filling up my shopping baskets). So unfortunately the shopping goblin hit again and dropped this beautiful little blush by essence into my basket. If i remember correctly it was priced around 4 euro and it is from the limited "Rock out!!" edition which essence created for the MTV EMAs.  I to be honest really like the pattern of the blush and spoiler alert, it stays that way even after several times using it. I saw the separate colours on a different blog and i was not to impressed because it looked like the colours you would expected when you banged your knee into the bedside again (we all been there, or is that just me?).  But together they create a wonderful glossy blush. It basically blusher and highlighter in one. I even already combined it with another blusher. It also has great lasting power. So while the goblin chose it mainly because it looked pretty i have found myself using it already several times especially for an evening out or to brighten up my face together with another blush.  The blush comes in a standard plastic container as you can see, however, due to the beautiful pattern i do not think it needs a lot more either. I had this blusher already several times in my handbag and it did not open by accident or anything so i would call the packaging purpose fulfilling. I apologise by the way for the extreme pink bunny but i got it from a friend and i thought it just went perfectly with the blush. This bunny has now taken residence on my otherwise white and light brown desk and i love it. Have you had a goblin attack during your shopping recently? let me know in the comments ;)

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