Who amI?
I am molecular cell biologist living in Belgium. I love science, make up, shopping and trying out beauty products. Over time i turned more and more into somebody who does not only love to use but also loves to read and discuss all things beauty. I also love to write and after reading a lot of successful beauty blogs i started to get more and more interested to join in and share my views and thoughts with the community. So an own beauty blog was the next step.

Why in english?
A few years ago i decided to follow my heart and move to Belgium to be with my now husband. Beeing a scientist allows me to work everywhere in the world and i was very lucky to find a good lab with wonderful colleagues to join in Belgium. One of the biggest plus sides to being a scientist is that you meet people from all over the world. In our lab there is barely any three people from the same country. Alongside that comes an incredible mix of cultures, also when it comes to beauty and fashion. Add up to this that belgium is really tiny and it is really easy to travel to the UK, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France... After a few years i started to notice that i did not really fit in anymore with the people from Germany which stayed in their own country. Nor was i ready to fit in with the resident Belgians. So while i have many good German and Belgian friends, i feel most comfortable and at home in the international community. And it has opened a new world for me. So when i was starting a blog, it was clear to me that i did not want to limit myself to any one country.

A scientist writing about beauty?
I often met the prejudice that scientist are all serious and nerdy and not interested in beauty and fashion. Either you are a tom girl and scientist or you are superficial and into beauty? No not true. We scientist are normal people and while some of us might have their weird side (hard to deny it completely ;) ), being a scientist does not define our looks. And while i detest the idea of drawing young girls into science by telling them that being a scientist is sexy, i like to spread the message that you can be whoever you want to be with any combination of hobbies and features you like. 
On the other side, there are people in the science world that think being a beautyblogger is something which can't go together with beeing a serious scientist. 
So i am here to attempt to proof to both scientist and non scientists that you can be both.

Why Sciencekoekje?
Koekje is flemmish for Cookie. Flemmish is the language spoken in the part of Belgium i am living in and is also the native language of my husband. I always liked the word Koekje because it sounds so tasty. The Science got added because, well i am a scientist. In short i am a serious scientist who does not take herself to serious :).

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for leaving a nice comment below my Personal Tuesday post. It is so kind of you and I am glad that I found your blog.

    German Girl in London

    1. No need for thx. I have to thank you for your great post that made me want to comment. Thanks for giving my little blog a try :)

  2. HI, so nice to see there is an other scientist that enjoys beauty :)

    1. You are a scientist too? How cool :) Which direction? Do you have a blog too? Always great to connect with people with similar interests and to be honest the combo science and beauty blogs is not the most common ;)

  3. Replies
    1. I agree very much. I dislike the idea that girls can just be drawn into something if they are promised that it makes them more sexy but science itself is for sure sexy. Otherwise i would not know how it gets me exited all the time ;)

  4. Ik vind de naam van je blog echt leuk!

    xx Sanne