Tuesday, 27 January 2015

How to: My defrosting routine.

Yes it has finally become really really cold in this country i call home. I love snow and i love the cold. That is either during a winter walk or from the inside of my comfy cosy house. In the morning on my way to work? Not so much! So well when i come home in the evening, frozen to the core after the commute, i need a routine to defrost my insides because unfortunately the cold has bothered me anyway (frozen reference anyone?). So here is my guide to: How to survive the cold.

First thing i do when i come home and i have the feeling i have icicles for legs and i will never ever know again what warmth is, i take a long hot shower. Obviously a bath is also amazing but sometimes i do favour just the hot steaming shower. Obviously what i need under there is a warm and comforting shower gel an obviously, there is where my latest obsession comes into play. The Honeymanyia series by the Bodyshop. The honey smell is like a warm hug. After leaving the shower (the only thing i hate about a shower, leaving it again). The upside to a shower, you can also take your make up off under it. Actually i will rub my face in with the bodyshop camomile faceoil and then wash it off in the shower. Two things done in one. Awesome if you are tired and frozen.

After the shower i will slather on some bodybutter and get into my most comfy PJ and most importantly, cuddly, comfy socks. Preferably after putting on some good foot lotion. This socks are from Primark and for only 2,50 EUR, they are keeping my feet all comfy and cozy for the evening and night.
 The next thing on the list is dinner. Now beeing cold makes me extra tired and often i do not feel like having a big dinner so my favourite is a hot soup and/or a cheese toast. I know, i know, the second one is not beauty blogger aetherial healthiness but it tastes awesome, it warms me up and besides cheese always loves me back so get off my case.

 Okay now that i am fed, i will usually go and spend some time at my PC and obviously in the company of some warming drink. Now there are two options. Obviously my trusted cup of tea and i have some teas i love especially in the evening when its cold outside. So on the picture below you can see some of the teas i am loving right now: The twinning caramalized apple tea is to die for. There was a while ago a Lipton hot apple tea which i loved but obviously Twining takes it up a notch. This is however, green tea so better to not drink to much when you are planning an early night. Then i have a Schoko Whiskey tea which i bought in Aachen. It actually contains real chocolate and tastes deliciously indulgent. Then i have a spiced chai which i bought in Leuven which is an alltime favourite and last but not least my trusted Fennel drink. You have stomache or throat pain or cannot sleep? Drink fennel tea. I just love the natural liquorice flavour and it is so wonderfully calming.

My second option is obviously a hot chocolate. Since i am lactose intolerant, i am buying the Alpro Soya almond dark chocolate drink. However, since then my family and my husband have been starting to drink this too. Not only does the almond in the milk go perfectly well with the chocolate, this drink is even less calories while beeing super creamy and richt tasting, so even if you are one of the lucky dairy processers, i can only recommend this.

 And now that i am all warmed up, fed and comfy, the only thing left is to cuddle myself in at a comfy place and relax.

What is your defrosting routine? Let me know in the comments.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

SALES: kruidvat savings!

Dear lovely readers,
I went today for to shop actually just for some gift but obviously i ended up in my local drugstore again and i got so exited about the sales that i thought i share this with you. I can tell you in all honesty that this post is not sponsored.  I just love a bargain.
So i went into the store and quite at the entrance they have the shampoos and i was taking a look if i would see anything interesting or new and i did pick up the L'oreal fibralogy serum for thin hair since i heard so many amazing things about that line from fellow bloggers, but i degress. 
My eyes then fell on the John Frieda shelf with everything 50% off. Oh my god. I am currently on a quest for better hair products and so far the John Frieda and Soap and Glory have been the best. Normally this shampoo cost about 9 euro and was now 4,50. The Hair mask cost normally about 8 euro and was now 4. So well i was already beeing a happy pappy blogger. I then also picked up the nourishing oil (normally 14 now 7 euro). I have not tried this so far but since i love all the other products so much and it was half price, it went straight into the basket.
I also went past the Essence and Catrice shelfs. I did not really need anything, though i picked up a lipgloss for a friend. Now Essence and Catrice are already usually very cheap but a lot of their products are now also half price since they are going out of their permanent collection. (By the way i swatched the essence limited edition eye shadow sorbet, god i am still trying to scrape this glitter of my hand). So if you love those brands, now is the time to go for it.
I then discovered that they were finally stocking the Rimmel wake me up foundation which i had so far never seen in Belgium (even happier pappier blogger). And to top it off all foundations, concealers, powders and blushers were reduced to 8 euro which ment that my foundation i purchased was 4 euro cheaper then usual.
I did not buy anything of the L'oreal shelf but their foundation, concealer, powder and blushers were buy 1 get the second half price.
There were a lot of other reduced items but i did not make a list. I know this kind of reductions are fairly common in the UK but they are actually fairly uncommon in Belgium. Atleast in my experience. So i thought i let you all know. 
I know a lot of us are trying to safe in January and i am probably not helping but getting shampoo which is kind of a necessity cheaper is saving too right. (tell me i am right ;) )

Monday, 19 January 2015

little suprises: the bodyshop eyeshadow duo

After all the spending over the holidays and in London especially, i am actually trying to cut a bit back on spending during January. However, against better judgement, i opened the mail from "The Bodyshop". They have  50% off body butters and XL sized shower gels!!!!! After a brief argument with myself in which i convinced myself that this was a necessary purchase which i would have to otherwise have to do for a larger price (suuuuure), i rushed after work to the store to see if they had my beloved Honeymania (yes they did, i have now a 750ml bottle of this wonderful shower gel). Obviously me beeing.. well.. me, i had no other option than to also peruse the rest of the offers. And then my eye got caught by this pretty little thing and i thought i just give a swatch, actually not even planning to buy it. And OMG, look at this swatches. These were so pretty and so pigmented. The swatches are one tap with a finger. I know spring is coming and those are not spring colours but oh my god do i love this coopery glittery colors. I just imagine those to be perfect for a night out with the lighter colour over the lid and the darker in the crease. So well i bought it and: Je ne regret rien. I will rock this baby for my next romantic dinner date with the hubby. Judge me if you will. 
This is the bodyshop eyeshadow duo in cooper and if you want some of this action, you will need to hurry because they are apparently discontinueing it (which is probably part of the reason it was on sale).
Did you make any great discoveries in the sales? Let me know in the comments.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

My favourites in 2014

Yes i am a bit late to the game but bare with a 4th year PhD student. Yet i love reading this posts and i really wanted to do one myself to show you all the products i come to love in the year of 2014. This products are not all from 2014 but i got to know them in 2014. I did not know what kind of picture to put for this posts and so i put a photo of one of my favourite moments in London. This picture is taken in the morning in the Hyde Park in London and this little squirel came up to me on the bench. It might not be special to everyone, but where i am from, squirrels dont do that so i was completely fascinated by this little guy. His name is Niles and we promised to stay in contact but it grieves me to say, i havent gotten a single mail yet. Still i cherish the moment we had (xxx Niles)

 The first bunch of products i want to show you in my favourites will probably suprise noone. The Honeymania series from the bodyshop. As you can see i have expanded it in the sales. This range smells amazing and perfectly moisturises my skin. I just love love love it. You can see here the shower gel (and the big one i got for 4 euro in the sales (how amazing is this)), the body butter, the body scrub in big and travel size, honey soap and the little honeymania lipbalm. I can say, i love every single one of them. The scent is amazing and it really gives results.

The maybelline color tattoo eye cream eye shadows are a much hyped product and in this case they are soooo right. This is the perfect lazy eye product. Especially in the morning i am often in rush and with these it really looks like i actually put a whole eye make up together. I love love love them. They are also perfect for travelling. In fact i already dropped one of them twice and nothing happened to the very sturdy packaing. The pigmentation is amazing. The swatches under here are just one stripe with the finger. In fact this is also how i apply them. I normally always use brushes but for these i really think it applies best by hand. My absolute favorite is on an one bronze but the eternal gold is really pretty too. 

I finally found my two perfect concealers. Both are very hyped as well but both for a reason too. One is the Maybelline anti age eraser eye concealer and the other one is the collection lasting perfection concealer. I cannot appologize enough for this grubby picture but i guess it prooves that i have really been loving those ;). They both blend easily and last all day. The Collection lasting perfection concealer gives a lot of coverage for blemishes and redness while blending perfectly into my skin with and without foundation. As you can see, i am using the lightest colour. The Instant anti age eraser eye concealer is more medium coverage but it perfectly brightens up my eyes. I sometimes also use it on the center of my nose. The puffy sponge is perfect for application although i would not use it for blemishes because it is impossible to keep clean.

My two most loved perfumes in 2014 and probably also in 2015. I got La petite robe noire  as a gift from the hubby and i love this a bit more heavy elegant scent. Dolce is more flowery and light and perfect for summer. Obviously i am no perfume expert so people might disagree but this is what my nose tells me. I also love the flacons.

One of the bigger suprises under my favourites was the catrice brow kit. I bought it simply because this tiny black box made me curious and for 4 euro, it seemed reasonable to buy it just for research purposes. And then i fell in love with it. I have before tried quite some brow pencils and powders etc. I have tried since then also the benefit products for brows and i keep coming back to this one. Especially the darker shade just works perfectly for my brows. I really hope catrice will keep producing this little treasure. It is perfect for travel too by the way. It is incredibly tiny and very sturdy.

 Another hyped product i bought mainly due to Amelia Lianas youtube channel. I had been looking for a while for a good product for takeing my make up off. I tried different products and found myself always either with residues or with red skin. When i heard Amelia rave about this product i like the sound of it. I react in general good on the body shop products and the combo of camille and oils sounded amazing. So even though i have combo skin i took the plunge and purchased this cleansing oil (i had bought one from superdrug before and it had really not worked and left my skin super fatty). This oil however convinced me of oil cleansers. This one does not only take my make up off without any rubbing, it also left my skin super soft and without any oily residues. So yes, declare me a fan. I am sure i will keep purchasing this product for quite a while to come.

The Schwarzkopf Gliss kur leave in conditioner and hair oil really have been a hair saver. The leave in conditioner make my hair wonderfully smooth and detangles it after showering. I stopped a little while ago using it for a two weeks and i really noticed my hair becoming frizzy and unmanageable again, so yes, i cannot live without this one anymore. The oil i put on a daily basis on my very dry hair tipps. Not only does it take care of my hair, it works also as a styling product as it give my hair definition. At the same time it does not make my hair oily. I do not know how it does it but i want it to stay in my life.

The L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes has been a real revelation. It is the first mascara i have owned which gives my lashes definition and volume and lasts literally all day. No black circles under the eyes with this one. I have had problems with transfering mascaras aaaalot. I tried several ones from Rimmel, from Maybelline and i tried the "they're real" mascara by benefit and every single one was giving me dark shadows latest after 2 hours. I tried then waterproof with absolutely zero improvement. After  a recommendation of a collegue i tried this one and the problem was solved. This one is not even waterproof. So yes i dont want to be without this one anymore.

I simply had to include a MAC product here. These are my two absolute lip favourites. The Dervish lipliner ( a wonderful 90ties lip type liner which goes perfectly on its own but also as liner for a lot of other colours) and the Rhianna Viva Glam lipstick (a beautiful red lip with great lasting power). The quality is like all MAC lipsticks fantastic and last very long.

The last favourite i had to include was  the amande hand lotion. I just looove the scent of this product line and with this little hand lotion i have it on the go. I honestly cannot even describe how amazing it smells. Just get yourselve to a l'occitane counter in your area and smell something out of the line. You will thank me late. I hope to be able to get some more products from this line in 2015.

So this was my favourites of 2014. To be honest it was really difficult to pick out my favourites since i have so many products i love but i think here i really summed up items which i think i will still continue to repurchase and use for a long time and which i started with in 2014. So all that is left to wish you all a great 2015.