Saturday, 24 January 2015

SALES: kruidvat savings!

Dear lovely readers,
I went today for to shop actually just for some gift but obviously i ended up in my local drugstore again and i got so exited about the sales that i thought i share this with you. I can tell you in all honesty that this post is not sponsored.  I just love a bargain.
So i went into the store and quite at the entrance they have the shampoos and i was taking a look if i would see anything interesting or new and i did pick up the L'oreal fibralogy serum for thin hair since i heard so many amazing things about that line from fellow bloggers, but i degress. 
My eyes then fell on the John Frieda shelf with everything 50% off. Oh my god. I am currently on a quest for better hair products and so far the John Frieda and Soap and Glory have been the best. Normally this shampoo cost about 9 euro and was now 4,50. The Hair mask cost normally about 8 euro and was now 4. So well i was already beeing a happy pappy blogger. I then also picked up the nourishing oil (normally 14 now 7 euro). I have not tried this so far but since i love all the other products so much and it was half price, it went straight into the basket.
I also went past the Essence and Catrice shelfs. I did not really need anything, though i picked up a lipgloss for a friend. Now Essence and Catrice are already usually very cheap but a lot of their products are now also half price since they are going out of their permanent collection. (By the way i swatched the essence limited edition eye shadow sorbet, god i am still trying to scrape this glitter of my hand). So if you love those brands, now is the time to go for it.
I then discovered that they were finally stocking the Rimmel wake me up foundation which i had so far never seen in Belgium (even happier pappier blogger). And to top it off all foundations, concealers, powders and blushers were reduced to 8 euro which ment that my foundation i purchased was 4 euro cheaper then usual.
I did not buy anything of the L'oreal shelf but their foundation, concealer, powder and blushers were buy 1 get the second half price.
There were a lot of other reduced items but i did not make a list. I know this kind of reductions are fairly common in the UK but they are actually fairly uncommon in Belgium. Atleast in my experience. So i thought i let you all know. 
I know a lot of us are trying to safe in January and i am probably not helping but getting shampoo which is kind of a necessity cheaper is saving too right. (tell me i am right ;) )