Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sample Saturday: SVR, BE primer, Yves Rocher perfume

This post nearly did not happen. I got on Friday a tooth removed and have been then a permanent inhabitant of couch ville. But well by now the pain meds kicked in better and now i feel like i am up to do cheer myself up with some samples. 
So here we go, my second Sample Saturday:


Todays samples include the SVR spiral anti transpirant creme; the BE photo perfecting primer (Ici Paris house brand) and Yves Rocher Evidence perfume.

The first sample, i have to admit, is not my own. But i decided to feature it after talking last week to a girl which experienced skin problems due to excessive sweating and i think its nothing to be ashamed about. There are products these days for about every need, so i think its always worth it to ask your trusted pharmacist for beauty solutions for your needs. So well this is one of this products. The SVR Sprilial creme with 24 hour anti transpirante efficiency. Think deodorant for face or hands. It keeps excessive sweating in check to a certain degree and prevents infections of the pores due to excessive sweating. I did not try it since i do not experience this and wasn't sure what it would do to my skin. But i heard that its pretty good. Also, this product is unisex, which i like. (full size product around 12EUR)

The second sample is one of mine and it is the photo perfecting primer from BE. BE is the house brand of Ici Paris and so far i have really liked their products. So when i went to buy their eye primer, the lady at the counter gave me several of those samples to try as well. I can say that i am very happy with this product. I do not wear primer every time i wear make up since my make up usually does not need it to last well, however when i know that its going to be a hot day or when i am going to a conference all day, i like to make sure with a primer.  The product promises a light reflecting technology, micro mineral pearls, a light spreading diamond core complex and that it is fit for every skin. My skin does very well with this product and i do definitely feel that my makeup stays longer in place and fresh. It also already evens out my skin, though since i am wearing foundation over it, it does not really matter to much. I like that it does not give me a stuffy feeling on the skin; Add to this the attractive price tag. So yes, i will definitely purchase the full size product (full size product 14,99 EUR)

The last sample is a perfume sample by Yves Rocher "comme une evidence". When i was a teenager i was wearing Yves Rocher perfumes a lot, however as i grew up i ended up wearing more designer scents. I do still believe though that Yves Rocher does make the one or other nice perfume. I did not like this one so much though. The scent is pleasant enough but very flowery and to be honest, in my opinion maybe something rather for the older generation. One tip by the way, perfume sample bags can be nicely placed in closets with linen (same for old perfume bottles). It gives your linen a nice scent. You can even put old bottles of your favourite perfumes old bottles between your scarfs. Well but i am digressing, i won't purchase the full size product for this one. However, scents are such a objective thing, that i think its always worth it to give it a sniff yourself. (full size product 31,80 EUR for 100ml)

Which samples have you used recently? Have you tried any of the shown products? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments.

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