Friday, 3 October 2014

Benefit "It's potent" eye cream and Eddy the cat

"It's potent packaging and Eddy photo bombing
For most of you cat owners, this will be familiar to you. I can hardly do anything around the house without my lovely roommate (cats are not owned by anyone, mind you) Eddy the cat. So while I wanted to review the "It's potent" eye cream by Benefit, Eddy decided he can do that so much better and who am I to argue. So well here is the review modelled by Eddy.
They are good to play with if that should be an important factor to you when buying cosmetics :P
I have to start with admitting that I am a Benefit fan so when I got this little luxury sized sample, I was over the moon. I have been looking for a good eye cream for a while. I used to use a Nivea one, but my skin did not agree with it. So well now I tried this one.

It promises to brighten your eyes and make them look younger. It also claims to remove dark circles and fine lines. Now I can't talk to much about effects on fine lines since this is one of the few things, nature (my genes) have blessed me with, I have no lines yet. However, dark circles? Oh yes! 

The cream has no strong colour or scent as far as I can tell. It applies very well and does not leave a fatty film (good for when you want to apply make up afterwards). Indeed it seemed to immediately brighten my skin. It was very nicely cooling and soothing for my under eye skin. I do not suffer from dry skin under my eyes so I am not sure how it would be there but for my eyes it was very good. I have not noticed a long term strong reduction of dark circles but to be honest i do not expect that from a cream either. Never the less i keep you posted as I continue using it, that is when Eddy let me have it. So far, I think, I will definitely purchase the full size.

Benefit, for eyes as beautiful as Eddys


  1. Sounds like something I could use for my dark circles an sensitive skin. Very helpful review :)

  2. Thanks. This has been definitely the best eye cream i tried so far :)