Thursday, 9 October 2014

Fast and healthy treat: A strawberry creamy delight

I have been spending today all day sitting at my desk working, when i started to really feel the need for a sweet treat. Now i have been trying to loose weight since quite some time so i try to stay away from to much sugar. However, i do have a sweet tooth. So i opted for this super fast, lazy but healthy treat. And it was yuuuummmy.
I took a handful of frozen strawberries and popped them for 3 minutes at 800W into the microwave. They come out nicely hot and very mushy. I then mushed them up a bit more with a fork and then added cold unsweetened soy yoghurt (i am a bit lactose intolerant so you can use regular yoghurt too). I then finished it off with some granola (just a bit for the texture). Et voila. It is rather tangy, so you can add a bit of sweetener to it if you prefer that. I however like it all natural and tangy and soooo creamy. What is your favourite healthy treat?


  1. This looks very tasty. I love these homemade snacks . Unfortunately, I am often too lazy , so I often eat crispbread with cottage cheese and fruits.
    Sabi ♥

    1. Oh i love me some decent swedish crispy bread. I am lazy too. Cottage cheese and fruits i never tried. I have to give this a shot. I love some goat cheese and herbs on mine. But yours sounds delicious.

  2. Oh yum. that looks delish!