Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Review: The Catrice eyebrow set

Recently i had half an hour to kill between a course and the next train so i ended up in a drugstore browsing through their shelves for new discoveries. I really love my more expensive make up but sometimes there is real bargains to make in the local drugstore and some of this products work equally as good or even better than their expensive counter parts. Problem is of cause which? But when i saw this cute little black box for just 3 EUR i could not resist to give it a shot. And bingo, we have a winner. 
First of all the packaging is perfect. This little box is really small and fits into every handbag or even jacket pocket. It contains a small mirror and even a little drawer with forceps and a small brush. the small brush has one end which is an applicator brush and the other side looks a bit like a mini mascara wand. They look tiny but they are more then sufficient to get your eyebrows back into shape. Now to the colours. You have one lighter brown and one darker brown. Both are beautiful colours. On the photo they seem to have a green tone but that is really the photo. I tried both colours and they both work great for me. I use the lighter brown just to add some definition and i use the darker brown when i want to have a bit more of a statement brow.The small brush works perfectly for this for me. Both colours have a really good staying power. When i applied it in the morning i could still find it back in the evening. 
I have quite a long commute in the morning and on top of that very long working hours, so anything i can take with me is a bonus for me. I have carried this little kit now around to one conference and every day on the train. It is perfect. The little drawer does not open on its own nor does the mirror (something i was worried about). In fact it is holding up perfectly. I also have to admit that i just love having the tiny pair of forceps with me since i can get quite obsessed when i notice a hair in the wrong place and cannot get rid of it immediately (TMI i know). And well it is for sure a big bonus that this little treasure came to me for just 3 euro. A real bargain. I can imagine that i will purchase this again should it run out. Do you use any eyebrow products on the go? Have you made recently a really good budget make up purchase? Let me know in the comments. 

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