Monday, 20 October 2014

My lips but better by Rimmel London

I recently learned what the abbreviation MLBB stands for (after excluding that it stand for Middle Limburg Billiard Bond) and i noticed that this was exactly what i had been looking for for a while. Especially for the work environment i prefer sometimes a look which does not look to made up. So make up in the way my mother explained it to me when i was a kid (bless her): A look which makes you look like you but well put together. 
So while i was out in the city recently i stopped in front of the shelve of Rimmel London and the Kate Moss lipstick line. I have heard great things about this line from many bloggers, so i did some swatches and noticed that i really loved the shade 08 (no name sadly). Of cause, my luck, it was completely sold out. But well i returned a week later and there is was. Exactly one left. So i bought it. And well i have not regretted it. 
It has a really nice pigmentation and i just love the colour which is very close to my natural colour just more intense (so pretty much the definition of MLBB). The consistency is creamy and applies well and evenly. What i really like is that it makes my lips feel soft and moisturised even comparable to a lip balm.
Now as far as staying power is concerned, this lipstick lasts well but does not survive eating and drinking for me the same way my mac lipsticks do. However, it is that easily reapplied that i do not mind that much. Also, due to being that close to my natural lip colour, the fading is not very obvious. I just reapply after eating. 
So yes i am very happy with this lipstick and will probably even repurchase it once its used up. I will still hit the Mac store soon to check what they have in store for me though but this one is for sure a great drugstore alternative. I paid for the lipstick about 9,50 Euro but i have seen them on Feelunique already for less. If you haven't given those a shot and you are looking for a great MLBB for a drugstore price, you should give this a go.

What is your favourite MLBB? Let me know in the comments!

Mica (Sciencekoekje)


  1. Looks gorgeous! :-D Don't you wish they'd give these things a name? Something more romantic than '08'? If I were called upon to guest-design a lipstick line like Kate, the names would probably be the first thing I went for, LOL! Obviously, the first series would need to be named after adventuring classes ;-)

    1. Could not agree more. In that case i would probably call this lipstick shade the pristine rogue, because you do not notice it as a lipstick but it makes my lips look so wonderful even ;).