Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tested for you: Baby Lips

I know I might be late to the party but I recently picked up some of the baby lips lip balms from maybelline. There is nothing worst then chapped flaky lips, so i always carry a lip balm around with me. I had seen this fun coloured lip balms already several times, however, i am rather picky with lip balms so i usually do not buy just any. After reading some really good reviews however,i could not resist this cute packaging any longer and picked them up. After all at around 2,50 EUR they are really a bargain.
I purchased "Cherry Me", "Hydrate" and "Intense Care". As the name already says, the "Cherry me" is a tinted lip balm in a cherry colour. The other two are pure untinted balms. All three have an SPF of 20 which i love. You can never protect your skin to much from the sun.
All baby lips lip balm contain the plant extract Centella Asiaticia which has wound healing and scar reducing properties. This herb has been used in chinese medicine and scientific research actually supports its effectiveness. Being a scientist, i won't make such a statement without a reliable source. So for the scientist beauty addicts under you, here you go:
The lip balm further contains shea butter and several vitamins. The "cherry me" contains honey and the hydrate and intense care have further aloe vera.
I had the cherry me with me during the conference and i have to say i am impressed. It hydrated nicely and gave my lips a nice subtle hint of red colour. Pigmentation wise you should not expect to much since it is obviously just tinted lip balm, however i thought it left my lips looking just natural healthy, so i loved that. It also has a nice cherry smell which isn't to chemical or intense. I intensely dislike products which have such an intense fake fruit smell that you basically feel like it is burned into your nose.
Also hydrate and intense care did not disappoint me when it came to hydrating. However, i do think that i will stick for that job rather to my all time favourite carmex.
So conclusion, i will definitely repurchase the "cherry me" and i will also use up the other two. They are all three decently hydrating, pleasantly smelling and the packaging is just waaay to cute.
What was you experience with those lip balms. let me know in the comments.


  1. I have those lip balms, they are just amazing! My fav is Cherry Me, it looks great!


  2. I love these! Glad somebody reviewed them. :)


    1. Glad somebody found it useful! Which ones have you tried so far ?