Monday, 8 September 2014

How to: Hot Red Lips

Red Lips should be kissed, because kissing is what they are made for.......

Okay admittedly that is a pretty clumsy translation of a german song.

However, I recently really learned to embrace red lipstick. I have a pretty pale complexion and therefore always thought that strong lipsticks would make me look even paler. Then looking at there like of Zoey Deschanel, Dita von Teese etc. i noticed that this can actually be a plus for wearing strong lipstick. For me make up is not just something to slap on my face to not look awful but also something which I feel can underline my personality. And well my personality might be called a lot of things but boring is not one of them. My red lipstick gives my face that extra kick and to be honest also my self-confidence gets a swift little kick in the butt. My red lipstick also taught me to embrace my pale complexion. These days I do not look jealous at the tanned faces but just embrace my classic look.

Now one thing is really important when you wear bright-colored lipstick: It needs to be well applied. Since it makes your lips the focal point, you also draw attention to smudges and uneven application. So I will share with you my lip coloring routine:

1) Before I start my make up routine, I usually add some carmex lip balm to my lips and then continue to do foundation, powder etc. I find that until i am finished with the rest of my make up, my lips are usually already a bit softer. Carmex has been a revelation to me. If you haven't tried it so far, rush to the store and buy one. You will thank me later. I will add a more detailed review soon.

2) Apply a lip liner. I use the Mac lip pencil "Dervish". It nicely defines my lips without looking to painted and to be honest on some days and to work functions which require a bit less of "Hello!!!! Here I am!" I sometimes just color my full lip with it. It is a beautiful natural tone. As well when I still plan to add lipstick, I do not just draw a line but try to color a bit more of the lip since i find it makes the lipstick last longer.

3)I apply the lipstick. At the moment my favourite lipstick is the Mac Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick Frost . Make sure to color your full mouth. Move your mouth a bit to see if you colored everything.

4) Enjoy your sexy lips! I am not sure if it's the carmex base or the Mac lipstick but i also find that with this routine, the lipstick last quite long without drying out my lips. Even after eating, a subtle reapplying of the main lipstick suffices to get back to the full sexy lips.

products i used

PS: The money Mac earns from this lipstick goes to a charity which supports people infected with HIV! Always nice to support a charity. You go Mac!  For more information on the charity, check out this link:

I will add a detailed review of the products soon.

If you want information from someone more pro than me, you can always check out one of my favourite blogs, sprinkle of glitters Louise