Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Autumn/Fall 2014 Wish list

One of the clearest sign that autumn is upon us is when Eddy the cat starts to spend his evenings again trying to lay in between me and my book or me and my laptop. As i am writing this, i have to remove Eddy repeatedly from the keyboard, so for me its clear; summer is over. I know, i know, according to the calendar, autumn does not start yet but to be honest i have never given a lot on the official seasons. The leaves are coloured, the chestnuts are laying all over the street, i am getting my sweaters back out, its autumn, no stupid calendar can tell me otherwise. So well, i have been looking into this autumns colours and i am loving it. As far as make up is concerned, berry tones seem to be all the rage and me an my pale skin colour are digging it. I love bright pink and i think orange and yellow can look very interesting on some people, however on me it just looks like i got too intimate with a traffic cone. Fair skin and bright colours do not agree, so i looove the berry tones.
Now to my favourite part about a new season, an excuse to buy some more make up (shhh this is how i am selling this to the hubby). So i thought i share my wish list with you for the berry trend.

Who know me, knows my love for lipsticks. The Mac lipsticks are so far unbeaten for me, so the first lipstick on the wish list is obviously a Mac one. Its the "Lingering kiss" out of the new "A romance novel" collection and retails at about 18,50EUR. The colour is described as a deep plum red. And i imagine it be quite a statement colour. I will update you on how the colour turned out when i managed to get my hands on it.

Mac "Lingering Kiss"; 18,50EUR

The next is also a lipstick in a bit less statement but still none the less beautiful autumn colour. Its the Yves Rocher Cherryoil lipstick in cerise noir (black cherry). The cherry oil in this lipstick collection is supposed to give a unique natural reflection of light. I have heard a lot of amazing things about this lipstick series and  have been meaning to pick one up for quite some time. This one appears to me a very good idea for a day to day look. And at a price of 5,95EUR also not a wallet buster. 

   Yves Rocher cherry oil  "cerise noir"; 5,95EUR  

Next up are two eyeshadows, L'Oreal actually showed in their newsletter. It is from the "Ombre Pure" collection by "colour riche" I really like the deep intense berry tone and the nude colours. The two i have picked here are the "Escape in Bordeaux" and "Golden Nude" (10,90 EUR). You will notice that i am not going for very expensive high end brands. Usually i like to try out seasonal colours with drug store or other lower priced quality products. After all you don't want to spend a hundred euro just to figure out that the colours do not suit you. Beside that way i can try more in one go without breaking bank.
L'Oreal Paris, "Escape in Bordeaux"; 10,90EUR
L'Oreal Paris, "Golden Nude"; 10,90EUR
I also came across this eye shadow pallett within Macs new collection:"A romance novel". Four differenct beautiful berry colours and knowing Macs quality i am sure they will be awesome. I can't wait to try them out.

Mac "A passionate quest"; 38EUR

At last, the Yves Rocher exfoliating shower gel with bramberry extracts and kiwi pits. Yes i know, it actually might be over the top to adjust the colours of your shower gel but i am just in love with the berry colours and i love a good shower gel to get me into the seasonal mood. In general i have been enjoying the Yves Rocher quality and natural ingredients when it comes to shower gels, so any excuse really to try this one.

 Yves Rocher Exfoliating shower gel "Bramberry"; "3,95EUR

I will make sure to post reviews of any of these products after i have tried them.

Last a link to an autumn/fall inspired look including a berry coloured lipstick by the stunning Zoella.

What is on your wish list for the autumn make up routine? Have you tried already any of these produts? Let me know in the comments!


  1. That Mac lipstick looks perfect for autumn and I wish I had one like this. On my wish list is also a lipstick with a darker shade. Great post.


    1. Thanks a lot! I really can't wait to get my hands on this one.

  2. Love the colour of the mac lipstick