Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Feet, feet, feet!

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When there is one of my body parts I am in particular difficult about then it is my feet. I hate it when they are too cold. I hate it when they are to warm. Actually there is just a small temperature interval which does not drive me crazy. Also scratchy feet are horrible. So yes, I invest some time into my feet. Unfortunately I also stick them from time to times into high heels which they usually pay me back by hurting badly and swelling up.
There is several things I do to keep my feet in working condition. First of all, I use a scrub when I shower. At the moment I am trying the Balea foot scrub "Lovely" which smells amazing and seems to have a very good effect on my skin. It contains mint oil and blood orange extract which gives it a wonderful fresh and fruity smell.

After I leave the shower I usually also use a foot file to scrub my feet where necessary. I bought a rather cheap one at the drugstore and it works perfectly well for me and I can replace it very often. After every use I wash it with hot water for hygiene reasons. Skin particles are bacteria favourite foot (yeee yucky but as a microbiologist I feel I have to mention this  :P)

Really seldom I allow myself a pricey pedicure and they usually use a scalpel for this job. While I really appreciate that treatment, there is no way I am trying it myself, I still need my feet and I am not the most non clumsy person in the world (euphemism anyone ? ;).
After that I will apply the balea foot lotion. It actively reduces the amount of dead and cracked skin on your feet. . I really did not think it would do much but decided to give it a shot anyway. I started to use it and never looked back. Surprise; it really does do something. Since I am using it regular, my feet are so much softer, it is unbelievable. I first tried the alverde creme with orange and sage but I disliked the smell at first and after using it several times it started to become repulsive to me. My mom loves it though, so I think it's a matter of taste and they both work very well.

In the evening I use usually a bit more of the lotion and then slap on a pair of my comfy cuddly socks. I have extra socks for at home which are extra fluffy and have those plastic nobs under it which prevents you from slipping. I used to have those when I was a kid and these days they just give me the most comfy feeling. To be honest I have been known to take those socks with me in the handbag for the moments where my feet are so cold that I stopped to give a damn and just got my socks out (also nice at places where people like you to take your shoes off). By the way, nobody sees your feet while sitting in the cinema (just saying :P)

And then at the side of my bed I always have the Yves Rocher Foot gel with lavender. It wonderfully cools swollen feet or refreshes them in those hot summer nights when I cannot sleep because of hot feet. Any of you so particular about their feet or am i just weird? What products are you guys using? Let me know.


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