Monday, 3 November 2014

Oktober favourites

Hello my lovely readers. This is my first ever monthly favourites post. I have been thinking a while if i really wanted to make one since i just did not feel that i had enough products to discuss which were new favourites as of this month. However, i then saw that several people actually also include books, websites etc, so instead of a just beauty favourites, i thought i make a general, all things i love in oktober post. So here we go.


Obviously there are a few new products i used this october or things i owned already which i love at the moment. One of these i have mentioned actually already yesterday in my hand lotion post. It is the Yves Rocher blackberry handbalm. I have been really loving this during october and it just has this wonderful intense berry smell which gets me into an all autumnal mood (you can find more on this here)
 Another product i have been loving during the autumn is the honey mania scrub by the body shop. I just in general love the lucious sweet smell of honey and especially if it gets colder outside, i love a good scrub to get rid of dried out skin etc. It is not a very intense scrub but i love the smell. I do normally prefer tubes since this little pots can be really messy under the shower. Also, due to the a bit harder consistency it was a bit difficult to get a good amount onto my body without loosing little crumbs, however, the scent made up for it.

After the shower and especially after a scrub, moisturising is a must and i have had a bit of a suprise favourite during the last two weeks. It is the Huygens body milk with Verveine. This body milk does not smell nice to me, at all. I actually think it smells like breath mints. However; it felt insanely good on the skin. I guess due to the mint contained in it, it had a cooling, relaxing effect on my skin. So i have used this up and i am looking into where i can get more of this. The scent after all does not linger and my skin has gotten so soft from it.

The last beauty product is a hair oil. I did not use hair oil so far but lately my hair tips have been so dry, i thought i give it a shot. Not just does this hair oil not leave my hair look greasy, it also really gives my hair definition in the ends. I have not tried many oils so far, so there might be even better then this one  (let me know in the comments) but i have been rather happy with this one.


 I did not shop a lot during oktober but i did pick up some stuff at primark (haul still incoming). I have been really liking this pearl necklace and the little bracelet. It goes very well with my autumn wardrobe and for this price i do not need to worry about it to come into contact with anything bad at work.


I had a super crazy work month but in the few rare calm occasions i really do enjoy a good thriller. So i started reading a book i picked up already in august but never got arround to read it. Karin Slaughter is a favourite of mine and so far this book has not dissapointed. Due to my slow pace, this will probably become also a november favourite ;). When you enlarge the photo you should be able to read the back text, so i won't bore you here with it. If this is your cup of tea, i can really recommend it.
Blogs, Youtube, internetreads:
If i get a new follower, i in general always check out their blog too, since big suprise, people which like my blog in general tend to have blogs which are after my liking. So recently i got a follow by "Science is so sexy" and obviously already the name had me intrigued. So i clicked through to her blog and i can just say wow. "Science is so sexy" is written by the stunning Esmeralda. She is a belgian blogger which got her PhD in Biochemistry in a protein based project (my favourites ;)) in Kings College in London and has since done 2 Post docs in the biomedical field. So this girl is for sure as much of a real scientist as it gets. She writes about science related questions and specifically things you always wanted to know about. So if you always wanted to know all there is to know about Parabenes in your shampoo from somebody who actually knows their stuff, she is your girl. I work in science myself, however, scientific papers do not really read like vogue and if you really want to get all the gist on such a topic, you really need to put some work in. So i do enjoy to have a reliable source. She writes really well and i think its a must read for any beautyblogger which wants to get their facts straight and in general for any science geek. So give it a click.

Science is So Sexy...

And then there is obviously my all time favourite. My cat Eddy. I just could not resist to add a photo here. Especially if my work load is getting to me, there is nothing better to sheer me up than Eddy greeting me when i come home and rubbing his little nose in my face. There is also nothing more calming than watching Eddy sleep.

So this has been my oktober favourites. I hope you liked this type of posts and i will see if i can scramble enough together for november, that is if i survive my november workload. If you enjoy my website, leave me the link in the comments, so i can discover more of this wonderful blogs :)


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    1. No need to thank. Your blog is great and people need to know about it :)

  2. I love the honey range from the body shop! Have you tried the bath foam yet? Its lovely x

    1. No i haven't but i for sure will. It sounds amazing. there is just something about the scent of honey which is so calming and comfy.

  3. De bodylotion van Huygens zat onlangs in travel-size in mijn Birchbox! Wat een zalige crème is dat zeg! Leuk dat er nog ergens een grote fan hiervan rondloopt :-D

    1. Haha yep, definitif een fan. Ik vond ze zalig op mijn huid. Was triestig als hem leeg was. Zal ze definitif nog eens moeten kopen (sorry crappy dutch ;) )