Sunday, 9 November 2014

Essence: All about nude (a drugstore surprise)

I picked up this little palette actually already a while ago. This was before my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette arrived and i was in the need of some quick eye shadows with a bit more rosy undertones for the autumn. Since i knew that i would get pretty soon the Urban Decay one, i did not really want to break bank for it so i picked up this cute little palette in my local drugstore. And well it actually surprised me a little. Obviously this is not as good as the Urban Decay one but honestly it is quite amazing for a drugstore make up. I think i payed like 5 euros for this and this stuff for sure can hold up with any other drugstore product which is a bit more pricey. Not only are the shades well pigmented, they also have little fall out and blend very well. The colours work very well for my skin tone. This is the perfect little make up palette for a day to day autumn natural look. So well i though i introduce you guys quickly to this one. If you are looking for a bargain, i can really recommend it.  Sorry for the weird swatch picture but after a playing session with my cat, my underarms looked a bit scratched so i actually had to swatch on my upper arm (unless you guys prefer to see how eyeshadows go with red streaks ;)). The two lightest shades make a good highlighter for under the brow bone by the way. Did you have any drugstore surprises recently?
I will definitely also still pick up some sleek palettes once i am in London since they are unfortunately not available in Belgium. Very curious to see how they compare.


  1. Looks lovely!! But I too have the urban decay naked 3 palette so don't think I need this as well x

    1. Agreed. As i said, i picked this up before my UD Naked 3 arrived. It is really amazing isn't it?
      However i was rather suprised how well a 5 euro palette could do. I do think though that the colors of UD just look a lot more luxurious.

  2. Its a shame Essence isn't available in Belgium - the brand has only just come to England, I need to find a stand and stock up! I used to buy their makeup whenever i went on holiday xx

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